FON depicts three college students who are struggling to wrap their minds around the fact that they possess unique powerful abilities and are far from normal. Amid this, they find out that they have much more in common than they could have ever imagined. FON follows the stories of Scarlett, Manisha and Seth. 

Scarlett is a young woman who has moved from foster home to foster home never receiving love. Instead, she falls victim to rape and emotional abuse from her caretakers. As she is coming of age to leave her foster home and go out into the world on her own, her past, as well as her current foster mother, has brainwashed her into believing that there is no bright future for her and that the world as she knows it, is all that it will ever be... until one day she realizes that all along, she had the power to change her destiny. 

Manisha, a highly intelligent introvert is much more than her innocent looks. She buries a secret from others that she promised herself she would never reveal again. With a past of unforgiven measures, she struggles to keep her gifts suppressed as the harshness of the world creeps into her life. How long will she be able to protect others from her gifts or should we say,  her curse? 

When you imagine an almost perfect life, you think of Seth. To others, he is what every young man desires to be. It appears that Seth has it all, but deep down his dreams haunt him and the gift of sight has a different, yet tantalizing meaning for him. Will he be able to handle his ability or will his ability cause him to lose focus in present life?

The story highlights some major issues of society. It sheds light on abuse in foster care, rape, drug addiction and the fear of non-acceptance. It is a Sci-fi genre , relatable with bold content.  This film will sure to have you on an emotional roller coaster. Hold on tight as we take you on a journey with the Freaks of Nature!