Genre:  Sci-Fi /Drama

Written and Directed by:  Chanel Addison

Executive Producer: Justin Hayes

Director of photography: Sam Anthony

Camera Operators: Sam Anthony, Isaiah Randleman, Juan Bacote

Edited by: Chanel Addison, Justin Hayes and Sam Anthony


Main Cast: Sunee' Waller, Tyrone N. Reeves, Bianca Austin, Jordon Campbell, Charvez Grant, T.C."Storm" Caldwell, Dominic King, Javon Tye, Myesha "Mrs. Her" Cooper, Jim Jones, Chavar Smalls...

FON depicts three individuals who are struggling to feel normal despite their discovery that their powerful abilities avert them from being so.  Ironically, circumstances bring these individuals together and they find out the scorned truth about their past. FON will take you on an emotional roller coaster of highs and lows as it defines the lives of Scarlett, Manisha and Seth. Each having unique lives and suffering from their own inner demons, the three embark on a journey of finding themselves and each other. Scarlett, Manisha and Seth are Freaks of Nature.